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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Over the years I have managed to purchase a few copies of the original parts issue of each and was surprised to find they had appeared on the same day. This monograph is an attempt to present my research regarding the two publications in question.

Firstly I have to say that much general information has been gleaned from Wikipedia, which I support (also financially) as a first port of call. I am restricted somewhat by living and working in Germany and rely a lot on my own small collection of books and the internet. However, I think you will find I have supplemented this with a lot of further information not available on the internet.

Secondly, and most importantly, Ian Maxted whose own numerous blogs encouraged me to begin adding my various Devon texts onto the net. For anyone interested in the printing trade in Devon in whatever aspect should consult his blog pages. I approached Ian with a request for information and he was kind enough to inspect the copies of Moore at the new Devon Heritage Centre and all information pertaining to the parts issues is a result of his input. He visited the DHC a number of times and discovered the letter from Moore to Oliver.

I would also like to mention James M'Kenzie-Hall who provided copies of his own work on Henry Fisher which has greatly expanded the scope of this particular piece of work. He was kind enough to forward both his doctoral thesis and a very informative article. He also forwarded the letter from the agent, Gibson, to Sir Thomas Acland (also held at DHC). My thanks to him.

Kit Batten

Stuttgart, September 2020.

Select Bibliography

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List of Illustrations

Title page – Title page of Thomas Moore’s History of Devonshire.

I. Introduction

Fig. 1. The covers of No. 1. of each parts series: Moore (left) and Fisher (right).

II. Steel Engraving

Fig. 2. Alexander Jenkins’ wood engravings of the Ancient Guildhall and the Tower which appeared in his history of Exeter (1806).

Fig. 3. Steel engraving of Ashburton Market Place drawn by T M Baynes and engraved by W Deeble for Moore’s History of Devonshire.

III. Subscribers and Funding

Fig. 4*. Frontispiece to Linnaeus's Hortus Cliffortianus.

Fig. 5. Title page to Martin’s General Magazine.

Fig. 6. Watermouth from Moore with dedication to Davie Bassett Esq.

Fig. 7. Lary Bridge with dedication to Earl of Morley by Fisher.

Fig. 8. Truro in Cornwall Illustrated.

IV. The Authors

Fig. 9. Back cover of a Fisher Number with advert for Drawing-room Scrap Book.

Fig. 10*. The Unitarian Church in Kingswood, Birmingham.

V. The Printers and Publishers

Fig. 11*. The Borghese Palace from The Landscape Annual of 1831.

Fig. 12. Cover of Fisher No. 30 with adverts for Ireland Illustrated and Lancashire Illustrated.

Fig. 13. Cover of Moore No. 1 with Address to the reader.

VI. The Engravers

Fig. 14. W Dawson’s view of Aqueduct over the Torridge in Moore’s History of Devonshire.

VII. Maps and Mapmakers

Fig. 15. Schmollinger’s map of Exeter for Moore drawn by R Browne.

Fig. 16*. Schmollinger’s map of Devonshire for Moore with vignettes.

Fig. 17. J&C Walker’s map of Devonshire for Fisher with vignette by Allom and Floyd.

Fig. 18. Map of Cornwall for Fisher signed by B R Davies.

VIII. Probable Publication History

Fig. 19*. Cover of Moore No. 29 with handwritten numeration.

Fig. 20. Cover of Fisher No. 33 with map of Cornwall.

IX. Collaboration or Coincidence

Fig. 21. Title Page to Devon Illustrated included in No. 1.

Fig. 22. Title Page to Cornwall Illustrated included in No. 28.

Appendix X.

Fig. 23. N W View of Exeter Cathedral for Moore with George Virtue imprint, dated 1833.

Source of Illustrations

All images are from works that are or were in the author’s private collection unless specifically stated below. Images marked with an asterisk were kindly provided by the persons and institutions below.

Fig. 4. Illustration from Linnaeus, C. (1707-1778), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons - All rights reserved.

Fig. 11. The Borghese Palace from The Landscape Annual of 1831. Extracted from Thomas Roscoe’s The Tourist in Italy (1831) pub. Jennings and Chaplin. Image taken from William Miller, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Fig. 10. The photograph of Kingswood Unitarian Chapel was found on their website. I apologise if I used it inadvertently.

Fig. 16. The image of the map of Devonshire was kindly provided by David Smith of Modbury at

Fig. 19. is from an item held by the Devon Archives and Local Studies in Exeter (cover illustration of Number 29 with manuscript addition/alteration - stock no. unverified).

All rights reserved. Please contact the author of the image for permission to reproduce in any way.

In addition the following 4 Moore plates (all missing from the author's copy, Somers Cocks entry 103) are with kind permission of the Devon Archives and Local Studies.

Plate 14 - 2340 - Sutton Pool etc.

Plate 26 - 2919 - Teignmouth

Plate 43 - 2890 - View on the River Teign

Plate 77 - 1386 - Haldon House

These are all reproduced by kind permission of Devon Archives & Local Studies, WCSL [i.e. West Country Studies Library], e.g. from item 12452-53.

Reproduction of the letter from Thomas Moore to George Oliver is also with the permission of Devon Archives and Local Studies (believed to be from the same volume as illustrations quoted).

Documents held at Devon Archives are copyright. Copying, printing, reproducing or sharing images of them on your website is not permitted.

The DA&LS website can be found at

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My contribution to small print! This is a personal blog and I am responsible for both content and any mistakes. Corrections welcome!

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Unless stated, all photos are from my own collection of images. Most are from maps and books that are, or were, in my collection. I am perfectly happy for you to use the images on a non-profit-making basis in your own work. Again: observe web protocol and quote your source. Where I have indicated that the image is from an outside source, this means I have contacted that institution or person and these images are copyright with all rights reserved. Reproducing these images may infringe copyright regulations. The user is responsible for complying with copyright rules. Please check the List of Illustrations above.

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