Appendix V. 

The Publication History of the Parts Issue Devon & Cornwall Illustrated

The 33 parts in the only known collection contain the following text and illustration pages. It is incomplete, therefore, Parts 34 to 36 are assumed, based on contents of Part 9 of the 3rd Series. 


Illustrations (two to a page)

Text pages

Date  & Comments






The Royal Hotel, and St. Andrew’s Chapel and Terrace.

Royal Theatre, and Athenaeum.

Exeter, from Exwick Hill.

Guildhall, Fore-Street, Exeter.

Devon Illustrated TP

Devon pp. 5 – 8

Gathering B

Sept 1st 1829[1]

Lydford Cascade in title vignette.

S.107 1-4


St. Nicholas’s or Drake’s Island, Mount Edgcumbe & Penlee Point.

The Lary Bridge, over the Plym, or Saltram Creek.

Sidmouth, from the cliffs, towards Seaton.

The York Hotel, and Library, Sidmouth.

Devon 9 – 12

Gathering C

Oct. 1829

S.107 5-8


Plymouth Breakwater, from the West.

The Barbican, Pool, etc. Plymouth.

Powderham-Castle, Devonshire.

Kellerton Park, Devonshire.

Devon 13– 16

Gathering D

Nov. 1829

S.107 9-10 & 13-14


The Town-Hall, Column, and Library, Devonport.

Dock-Yard, and Harbour, Devonport.

The Morwell Rocks, on the River Tamar, Devon & Cornwall.

Weir Head of the River Tamar, Devon & Cornwall.

Devon 17 – 20

Gathering E

Dec. 1829[2]

Views still dated 1829

S.107 11-12 & 15-16


Kitley House, Devonshire.

Mount Edgcumbe, Devonshire.

The Subscription Rooms, & New London Inn, Exeter.

The Baths, Southernhay, Exeter.

Devon 21– 24

Gathering F

Jan. 1830[3]

All ills now dated 1830.

S.107 17-18 & 39-40


Interior of St. Andrews Church, Plymouth.

St. Andrews Church, Plymouth.

Mount Radford College Exeter.

Collipriest House, on the River Exe, near Tiverton.

Devon 25 – 28

Gathering G

Feb. 1830

S.107 21-22 & 41-42


Oreston, & the Cat-Water, near Plymouth.

Freemason’s-Hall, Plymouth.

Shaugh Bridge, Bickleigh Vale, Devonshire.

Tiverton Church from the Bridge, Devonshire.

Devon 29 – 32

Gathering H

Mar. 1830

S.107 19-20 & 27-28


Devonport, Dock-Yard, & the River Tamar, from Mount Edgcumbe.

Saltram House, Devonshire.

St. Sidwell’s Church, Exeter.

St. David’s Church, Exeter.

Devon 33– 36

Gathering I

April 1830

S.107 25-26 & 43-44


Endsleigh, Milton Abbot, Devonshire.

Watermouth, near Ilfracombe, Devonshire.

Tavistock, from the Launceston Road.

Tavistock Abbey, Devonshire.

Devon 37– 40

Gathering K

May 1830

S.107 29-30 & 23-24


Luscombe, near Dawlish, Devonshire.

Mamhead Hall, near Exeter,Devonshire.

St. Michael’s Terrace, Stoke Damarel, Devonshire.

Albemarle Villas, Stoke, Devonshire. – Stonehouse in the Distance.

Devon 41 – 44

Gathering L

June 1830

S.107 37-38 & 59-60


The Breakwater, from Mount Edgcumbe, Plymouth.

Citadel, Pool, Queen Annes’s Battery, &c. Plymouth.

The Public Reading-Rooms, & Cockram’s Hotel, Teignmouth.


Devon 45 – 48

Gathering M

July 1830

S.107 31-32 & 51-52


The Valley of Rocks, near Linton, Devonshire.

Ilfracombe Town & Harbour, Devonshire.

Pentillie Castle, Cornwall.

Cotele House, Cornwall.

Devon 49 – 52

Gathering N

August 1830

S.107 35-36 & 2xC


Clovelly, North Devon.

Bideford Brdge & Town, North Devon.

Trematon-Castle, Cornwall.

Port Eliot, Cornwall.

Devon 53 – 56

Gathering O

Sept. 1830[4]

S.107 33-34


Torridge Canal, & Rolle Aqueduct, near Torrington, Devonshire.[5]

Castle-Hill, near South Molton, Devonshire.

Launceston Castle, Cornwall.

Launceston Church, Cornwall.

Devon 57 – 60

Gathering P

October 1830

S.107 55-56


Frithelstoke Priory, Devonshire.

Great Torrington Church, Devonshire.

Follaton House, Devonshire.

Dartington House, Devonshire.

Devon 61 – 64

Gathering Q

November 1830

S.107 47-48 & 45-46


Launceston, Cornwall.[6]

St Austle, Cornwall.

Tregotham House, Cornwall.

Truro, Cornwall.

Devon 65 – 68

Gathering R

December 1830



Carclase Tin Mine, near St. Austle.

Treffry-House, Fowey, Cornwall.

Oakhampton Castle, Devonshire.

Oaklands, Devonshire.

Devon 69 – 72

Gathering S

Jan. 1831

All ills now dated 1831. S.107 49-50


Falmouth, Cornwall.

Falmouth Harbour.

Brixham, Looking over Torbay, Devonshire.

Torquay, Devonshire.

Devon 73 – 76

Gathering T

Feb. 1831[7]

S.107 53-54


The New Victualling Office, Devil’s Point, Plymouth.

Entrance to the Dock Yard, Fore Street, Devonport.

St. Knighton’s Kieve near Boscastle.

Tower of Phobus Church, Cornwall.

Cornwall 5 – 8

Gathering (B)[8]

Mar. 1831

Cornish views side by side.

S.107 65-66


Treryn-Castle, from Port Carnow Cove, Cornwall.

Penzance, Cornwall.

Exterior of Exeter Cathedral.

Interior of Exeter Cathedral.

Cornwall 9 – 12

Gathering (C)

April 1831

Cathedral views side by side.

S.107 57-58


St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall.

Penrose, & Looe-Pool, near Helston, Cornwall.

The Baths on the Beach, Dawlish, Devonshire.

Exmouth from the Gun Cliff, Devonshire.

Cornwall 13 – 16

Gathering (D)

May 1831

S.107 67-68


View of the Town of Bodmn, Cornwall.

Lanhydroc, Cornwall.

The House of Correction for the County of Devon, Exeter.

View of Exeter, from the hill of Pennsylvania.

Cornwall 17 – 20

Gathering (E)

June 1831

S.107 63-64


Place House, Padstow, Cornwall.

St. Mawgan Church & Lanhern Nunnery, Cornwall.

Buckfastleigh Abbey, Devonshire.

View on the River Exe, near Exeter.

Cornwall 21 – 24

Gathering (F)

July 1831

S.107 61-62


Carn-Breh, near Redruth.

Dolcoath Copper Mine, Camborne, Cornwall.

Berry-Pomeroy Castle, near Totness.

Torquay, Devonshire.

Cornwall 25 – 28

Gathering (G)

August 1831

S.107 69-70


Plymouth Public Library

Royal Union baths, Plymouth.

A View from Penryn, looking towards Flushing, Cornwall.

Trellissick-House, Cornwall.

Cornwall 29 – 31

Gathering (H)

Sept. 1831

S.107 75-76


Fowey Harbour, S. Saviour’s Chapel, & Polwan Castle.

Restormel Castle, Cornwall.

Bicton House, Devonshire.

Haldon-House, Devonshire.

Cornwall 33 – 36

Gathering (I)

October 1831[9]

S.107 83-84


Valley of Linmouth, North Devon.

Linmouth, North Devon.

Teriddy-House, Cornwall.

Truro Church, Cornwall.

Devon 77 – 80

Gathering U

November 1831

S.107 71-72


The Hoe & Citadel, Plymouth.

Carn Quarry, Bickleigh Vale, Devonshire.

Cornwall Illustrated TP with view of the Logan Rock dated 1831.

Devon 81 – 84

Gathering X

December 1831

S.107 77-78


Map of Devonshire with inset view of Babicombe Bay dated 1831.

St. Mawes Castle, Cornwall.

Bodmin Church, Cornwall.

Devon 85 – 88

Gathering Y

Jan. 1832

Ills still dated 1831.


Trelowarren, near Helstone.

Bodinnoc Ferry, Fowey, Cornwall.

Warlegh House, Devonshire.

Maristow, Devonshire.

Devon 89 – 92

Gathering Z

Feb. 1832

Ills now dated 1832.

S.107 73-74


Sharrow Grott, Whitsand Bay, Cornwall.

Trewarthenick House, Cornwall.

Dartmouth Castle & Harbour.

Dartmouth Church,

Devon 93 – 96

Gathering 2A

Mar. 1832

S.107 79-80


Tintagel Castle, Cornwall.

Waterfall & Stone Quarry, near Boscastle.

Teignmouth Bridge, from the Ness.

Sharpham, on the River Dart, Devonshire.

Cornwall 37 – 40

Gathering (K)

April 1832

S.107 81-82


Map of Cornwall with inset of the Cheese Wring dated 1832.

Ugbrooke, Devonshire.

Canonteign House, Devonshire.

Devon 97 – 100

Gathering 2B

May 1832

S.107 87-88


View on the River Dart, looking towards Totness.

Ivy Bridge, Devonshire.

Lifton Park, Devonshire.

The River Tamar, from the Morwell Rocks.

Preface and Index Devonshire.

Devon 101 – 104

Gathering 2C

June 1832

S.107 85-86 & 89-90


Berrynarbor, near Ilfracombe.

Werrington Park, Devonshire.

Buckland Abbey, Devonshire.

Interior of the Athenaeum, Plymouth.

Preface and Index Cornwall.

Devon 105 – 106

Gathering 2D

July 1832

S.107 91-92 & 93-94


Mousehole & Mount’s Bay, near Penance.

Cape Cornwall, from the Land’s End.

Morvall, Cornwall.

East & West Looe, Cornwall.

Title Page to combined work.

Cornwall 41 – 44

Gathering (L) plus

Cornwall 45 – 48

Gathering (M)

August 1832


[1] All issues except the first (it had an Address) lists various publications, e.g. Lancashire Illustrated or Ireland Illustrated (see text). All titles to views were in capital letters throughout. All illustrated pages are dated (1829 to 1832) 1 cm below lower view. This may have been trimmed when bound into a book. Tissue guards throughout. All issues note that a “few Proofs on India Paper, price 2s. per Number” are still available (front cover).

[2] Includes advertising broadsheet for many of Jones’ publications identical to back cover adverts on Issue 2.

[3] Advertising slip for January number of National Portrait Gallery No. IX placed before first view. Two page Address and detailed description of The History and Antiquities of The Cathedral of Exeter. This is numbered. An unnumbered two page list of other works available follows, six of these works some involvement of J Britton.

[4] Four page leaflet included. The first page is dated top right September 1st, 1830 and advertises “This day is Published, part 1 of …” Views in the East; Comprising India. Page 3 of the leaflet is dated top right London July, 1830 and advertises the National Portrait Gallery.

[5] Title of print; title Rolle Canal in both Index and text section (p.80).

[6] These two views are side by side, both dated 1830.

[7] Cover now changes. The complete title is now No. 18  Devon & Cornwall. Fisher’s Illustrations No. 44. Devonshire, Cornwall, and Lancashire. Fishers’ Grand National Improvements, and Illustrations of the British Empire in the Nineteenth Century. This format remained for the following six issues (18 to 23) before reverting to the former layout and title, all dated 1831. Issues 27 and 28 (Fisher’s 53 and 54) also had this cover.

[8] Gatherings for Cornish text are A, B, C as for Devon.


[9] Includes a small insert announcing the publication of a new print: Ceremony of Opening the New London Bridge which took place together with a procession on August 1st, 1831.


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